September 12, 2018

How many Hashtags to use on Facebook?

How many Hashtags to use on Facebook?


This question gets asked a lot and indeed if you should use Hashtags at all? In answer to that 'yes' If you do it correctly.

The biggest mistake is sometimes I see Facebook posts which multiple Hashtags, which is a big NO NO and dilutes the impact and presence of the original post. Try and remember that LESS is MORE. The ideal amount of Hashtags should really be NO MORE THAN TWO.


Less is More

A study by 'Social Bakers' showed that:

  • A post with 1 to 2 Hashtag had 593 interactions
  • A post with 3 to 5 Hashtag had 416 interactions
  • A post with 6 to 10 Hashtag had 307 interactions

You get the picture!

You have to remember that Facebook handles Hashtags a little different to Twitter insofar that it treats Hashtags as a type of category or relevant sections AND a way to start a relevant conversation. If you're a business you should ideally break your services or products down in a category or sub-section of your business. And keep it local i.e. #WebDesignSouthport or #SocialMediaServiceSouthport.

Remember to keep the keywords relevant to your business or conversation and NO spaces between Hashtags

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