Terms and Conditions

Web Design and Development

At the beginning of the project a payment and after the look and feel of a new site has been accepted (if applicable) 25% of of the overall balance will be required. If no work has been carried out then this will be refunded in full. However if work has begun then this balance will not be refundable.

If the project is larger scale a possible payment may be required half way through. This is discretionary and will be discussed with the client.

Upon site completion the client will pay the remaining balance within 7 days.

An approximation of time will be given for the project will be given prior to starting. Upon which time it is down to the client to provide as much information and material within a realistic timescale. If this process is delayed then the design and finish of the web development will be delayed.

Amendments and changes
Upon completion project and once the site has gone live it will be the clients responsibility that all information is present and correct. Within a period of no more than 28 days, if any information is incorrect or minor changes are needed then they must be reported in order for them to be changed. Any new or additional content that needs to be added beyond the original brief or quotation will be charged extra.

If 90% or more of the work has been completed on the site after a 6 month period and the site has been stalled because a client e.g. has not provided information or content then an invoice will be raised for the remaining amount of the invoice or charged for a percentage of the work finished. After a 6 month period and 90% or more of the work has been completed the site will be classed as complete and normal terms and conditions will apply.

If the site comes with a hosting package or KM Creative hosts any clients website the client will normally be invoiced every 12 months unless 14 days notice has been given to cancel any ongoing hosting packages prior to the renewal date.

If you require the hosting to be moved to another server 14 days prior to the renewal period or before KM Creative will package and zip the contents and forwarded to the new individual/company/server provider free of charge. Help and advice will also be offered. However beyond the scope of this if the site breaks or ceases to function correctly this will be the responsibility of the new owner. If work is carried out to remedy this problem by KM Creative a fee will be required prior to repairing the problem.

Non Payment of website development
Upon any site going live the balance will be required within 7 days. After 30 days if payment is still not received and without good reason the site will be taken offline and any access to the site will be denied. After a further 7 days the matter will then be put in the hands of the solicitors and legal action will unfortunately will need to be used.

Non Payment of other services
If non payment occurs 14 days after invoicing I have the right to withdraw my services and any hosting between the client and myself. In which case the client will be given logon details to the site and asked to transfer over to another hosting provider which will need to be organised between the new provider and the client.

I have the right to ask to any client to transfer their site within a 14 day notice period if non payment of any service or have been deemed to be unreliable when it come to payment of invoices.
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