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SEO Southport

Having a well-designed website is only half the battle. It doesn’t matter how good your site looks if it’s not performing in the search engines then it’s dead in the water.

After a website is freshly completed some clients naively expect the site to be on the first page. Wrong! Every year competition for any product or service online gets harder and harder to beat, especially when bigger well-established companies tend to have unlimited budgets for SEO, social media campaigns and traditional marketing which helps them propel their websites to the first page.

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to make any website rank well against its competitors.
Any SEO company who GUARANTEE to get you to the top of page one is being rather economical with the truth. There is no doubt that reputable SEO agencies will help you move up the rankings but getting you to page one is a promise no one can guarantee. Especially if your competitors have unlimited marketing budgets as mentioned above.

SEO in Southport Merseyside

So why use KM creative for SEO?

I have had years of experience of both SEO practices and building websites not only deploying the same methods and tactics as bigger SEO agencies (and usually at a fraction of the price) but I can also perform a health check on your site which can provide invaluable information on your site including site speed, page structure, correct Implentation of an SLL certificate, code errors, correct image size and compression and mobile responsive issues. All of which WILL have a negative impact on your website.

If your website is fully functional and generally in good health then it will need to be ‘search engine optimised’. This is normally achieved by making sure your site is using the correct keywords and page headings, your images have corrected ALT tags and descriptions. Pages will need to have metadata added or amended. Both internal and external links pointing to your site will be revised and added to accordingly.
Increasing traffic to your site is also a MUST. This will be achieved many ways including submitting your URL to online websites and directories with high PR.
KM Creative will rank your website better

So what happens next?

If you think your website is not performing well then please contact me for an informal discussion. I will then perform a few checks on your website and give you an honest un-biased appraisal. If I think your online presence needs very little or no work on it or there is very little to be done to increase your rankings, then I will inform you of this. If there are problems however then I will outline what needs to be done.

If you want to use my services, then I will generally need login details to your site (especially if it is a WordPress site) or I will need the ability to edit your web pages. For security purposes once, work has been completed then you may want to change your password. I will only access your site for SEO purposes

Checks performed on your website

• Website Health Check
• Increase traffic to website
• Keyword analysis
• Increase external links
• SSL correctly implemented
• Website Speed
• Correct image ALT tags and description
• Image compression
• Correct Meta description for each page
• Correct page title
SEO Your Website

How long does it take to see results?

This all depends what type of site and you have. Usually it can take 2-3 weeks to see your site start to climb in the rankings. However, it can be a number of months to get to its optimal position. Sometimes tweaking and adding content to your site is needed to keep the site new and relevant.

Remember a site that has regular new content or blog posts will rank higher than a site will has been left for a considerably while

Need some proof?

Although ranking your site to the top spot can be very hard, more often than not in can be accomplised and KM creative has had many success stories. Here is the proof of some of the sites that have been ranked PAGE 1 on GOOGLE for certain target keywords that have the greatest impact.
(Caterers Southport Wedding Caterers Southport)
(Insolvency Service Merseyside/Liverpool)
(Driving Instructor Southport)
(Commercial & Cleaners Southport)
(Commercial & Cleaners Southport)
(Computer Repair Southport/ PC Callout Service Southport)
(Bolt Induction Service)
(Foot Reading)

Price Guide

The below prices gives you an indication of the cost involved. These are only guide prices as no two websites are the same the cost could be slightly less or more. In most cases the SILVER package will surfice.
If the site has little or badly written content then it may be advised to go for the GOLD package.


✓ Keyword Check
✓ Speed Analysis
✓ Code Errors
✓ Responsive Errors
✓ Page Title Analysis
✓ Mata Data Analysis
Advice and analysis of site ONLY.


✓ Analysis of site (as Bronze package)
✓ SSL check and Implentation
✓ Improve site speed if necessay
✓ Promote external links and traffic
✓ Compress images and add ALT tags
✓ Add meta data & page description
This is the most popular package


✓ Analysis of site (as Bronze package)
✓ Implentation and fixes (as Silver)
✓ Website copy re-written (if needed)
✓ Website pages created (if needed)
✓ Extra external high PR links created
✓ Increase of web traffic to site
For really problamatic
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