Urbane Life

Business Cards

A whole collection of stationery was required for the building firm Urbane Life including these 400gsm businesses cards


A6 Leaflet

Another campaign for Southport Pleasureland requiring design and print of A6 leaflets on 135gsm satin finish

Pleasureland Southport

A5 Leaflet

A large campaign was needed to advertise Southport Pleasureland's Halloween night. A completely new design was needed including a new Logo

Local Author

A6 Postcards

To advertise the author's book launch a series of A6 postcards were required with a gloss front and a writable back like a traditional postcard.

Elias T Hoth Album Artwork

Album Artwork

A larger scale project which required design and artwork for the CD album cover with an inner booklet. A lot of conceptual ideas and visuals were required before the final artwork