Fast and bloat free websites


A better way to produce websites

These past few months I have been using a new software which integrated straight into WordPress without the need for over-bloated themes and page builders so effectively you are building the site from scratch. This also gives me the opportunity to design and build it the way the client needs it without having to use a cookie-cutter theme which a lot of web designers and studios tend to use.

The result are impressive as the sites are leaner, faster to load and strip away any unnecessary code. The latest example is a new site for a very talented Ormskirk artist. The site has a clean and minimalistic approach with the portfolio pages being the main emphasis. Even with a great deal of images the site loads effortlessly on all mobile devices even when supporting live Instagram feeds and Google fonts.

Running the website through (the notoriously difficult to please) Google PageSpeed insights gave the desktop version a near-perfect score of 99/100.