Website layout ideas

The biggest step for a web designer is creating and solidifying an eye-catching layout that accommodates all information given and which displays perfectly on all devices. This brief from StellarPM was no different. StellarPM are an international company that deals with manufacture and production of Superyachts and Catamarans. Their vision for their new site was to have a minimal but 'classy' feel using mainly black and white imagery whilst using hints of colour from their existing logo.


To get some ideas down for website layout ideas on the go, I use a few tools at my disposal including Figma to build site visuals/wire-frames, however I predominately use Affinity Designer for it's speed and flexibility. Before showing to the client it generally takes a lot of trial and error before it looks right to me, balancing images, body copy and headlines. Once I'm happy with the overall layout I will then turn my attention on the colour scheme making sure I only use complimentary colours that are applicable to the brief and subject matter.

After nearly 30 revisions the 'look and feel' was finally approved and which be followed through to subsequent pages and now is currently in the production stage. Please see the top main image.

Website layout ideas
Website layout UI

eBrochure Design Example

StellarCat Catamaran

StellarCat Catamarans are currently in the process of manufacturing a new range of aluminium catamarans with choices of internal layout for each of their three ranges. Prior to their completion a range of marketing material is required including 3 individual eBrochures for digital distribution in PDF and flip-book format. and which will be later used as a traditional set of printed brochures.

The brochure includes a complete walk-through of the vessels illustrated by 3D renderings and architectural drawings showcasing each deck. Along side the brochures a promotional website is underway.

To preview or download the eBrochure click the button below