How many Hashtags to use on Facebook?

How many Hashtags to use on Facebook?   This question gets asked a lot and indeed if you should use Hashtags at all? In answer to that ‘yes’ If you do it correctly. The biggest mistake is sometimes I see Facebook posts which multiple Hashtags, which is a big NO NO and dilutes the impact…

Summer Printing Offer in Southport

Business Stationery Offer

x250 Business Cards x250 Compliment Slips and x250 Letterheads DESIGNED, PRINTED AND DELIVERED for only £120. That’s right your stationery will be professionally designed AND Litho Printed NOT Digital copies and delivered FREE of charge with NO added catches, extras or VAT. Simply provide your logo and information to go on. All stationery is PREMIUM…

Print & Marketing Material

Marketing & Print for Author

Prior to the new book ‘Sing us a song Ma, before we say goodbye’ by local author Carol Wainwright. A collection of marketing and printing material was required including leaflets, PVC banners and pop-banners. All this was successfully designed and printed within a week and in time for the book launch in Kirkdale, Liverpool

New digital downloads website created

New Music Downloads Website Created

This is a completely new and updated site which was originally created over 8 years a go. Using the latest web technologies which weren’t really available back then users are now able to download directly from the website. More albums will be added over the next few weeks. Physical products will also be available such…